Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Okra, Pepper, Pole Beans, Tomatillos

We learned two things about okra this season: it doesn't mind being squished into a little pot and its flowers are kind of stunning.

Stunning Okra Flower
The flower bloomed for a day, and then died, and then a few days later there was an okra.

Some of the plants were upset with us for taking a vacation and not watering them for several days, but pepper plant was not one of them. It was scrawny and boring when we left, but exploded into green sexiness in our absence.

There are buds which I suspect might eventually turn into flowers and finally, fruit. The type of pepper will be a surprise, however. Lazy gardeners do not keep track of these things.

Pole bean plants kept growing until there was nothing left to grab on to. 

And then they bloomed

And then there were beans

And then there were more beans! So many beans!

None of the little tomato plants seem to want to grow, but tomatillo plant is enjoying the heat.

It's starting to grow little yellow flowers and someday soon, it will grow little papery skin-covered green fruits that the neighborhood deer hopefully find repulsive.