Saturday, May 12, 2012

Polyculture Jam

Cucumber seedlings have been thinned and their true leaves are growing with reckless abandon. Radish sprouts just came up in the middle of the pot and I haven't seen any cucumber beetles so they must be doing their job.

Green bean plants are out of control. They can't be stopped. They're so ready to start forming beans.

Soybeans didn't waste any time. It was time to sprout and they were not ashamed. 

Squash is taking no prisoners. Radishes are growing with them to make sure there are no prisoners to take.

Tomatillo and tomato sprouts are starting to show their true leaves with confidence.

Watermelon has sprouted but has no idea what it's in for.

Lupine, however, knows exactly what it's in for. Its family was born and raised here and can be found nearby all over the lovely San Gabriel Mountains.

I recently discovered that my compost has been invaded by worms. It is a very beneficial but very disgusting invasion.

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