Friday, June 1, 2012

Nitrogen deficiencies and slug deterrents

Cucumber plants aren't looking so hot. They might be getting too much water or too little nitrogen. I moved them out of the sun in case that was pissing them off, and since the worms have been doing such a great job of making compost, I fed the cucumber plants some of that to boost their nitrogen.

They're also growing some premature flowers, which doesn't seem like a good thing. Maybe the pot is too small and they want to break free and it's stressing them out.

Squash plants definitely prefer the ground over being squished into a pot. Or maybe it's just better soil and more shade.

Happy, healthy squash plant. Big green leaves, no premature flowers.

Slightly less happy squash plant confined to a pot.

Premature squash blossom.

Potted green beans plants are looking nice and green, but they've bloomed ahead of schedule too, unlike the soybeans and pole beans we have growing in the ground. Starting to see a pattern.

First green bean.
Jolly soybeans

Pole beans climbing faster than we can build a new trellis

Tomato and tomatillo plants have been transplanted to their permanent home and seem to be adjusting just fine. They haven't grown much since the big move, so I'm guessing they're just working on getting established before turning into the big sexy plants they're destined to become.

Silvery Fir Tree Tomato seedling

Tomatillo seedling

Basil is doing so well that the slugs just can't get enough of it. Slugs have been known to turn up their tentacles at the smell of pungent herbs, but making a liquid herb spray is just too much work for a lazy gardener. I tore up pieces of mint leaves, green onions, and garlic greens and scattered them all over the basil pot instead. Let's see if the slugs notice.

Basil with slug deterrent attempt #1

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  1. You are becoming a farmer! You're growing so many things I can't even keep track!